HOA Management Services

At Progressive Property Management we strive for excellence in everything we do. The services below are included as part of our comprehensive Home Owners Association Management Service. We are committed to providing a hands-on, detail-oriented approach for both the Board and the community. Additionally, as each community is unique we are able to create a management program that addresses your specific needs. Our comprehensive services include:

Financial Management

  • Prompt handling of all homeowner billing inquiries.
  • Collection of monthly assessments from members.
  • Maintenance of financial records.
  • Monthly preparation of financial statements.
  • Monthly reconciliation of financial statements with bank accounts.
  • Receipt, review and payment of vendor invoices for payment.
  • Corporate filings with the State of South Dakota.

Administrative Management Services

  • Attend regular Board Meetings as requested as well as the Annual Meeting.
  • Maintain membership roster.
  • Maintain all files and records of the Association.
  • Provide complete documentation to title companies for property transfers.
  • Distribute community newsletters and general community information.
  • Respond to homeowner questions in a timely and courteous manner.
  • Obtain competitive bids for services as requested by the Board.
  • Coordinate and administer clubhouse rental.
  • Hire and supervise seasonal employees as necessary.

Property Management Services

  • Perform regular property inspections.
  • CC&R/Rule enforcement and follow-up.
  • Maintain answering service for emergencies 24/7.
  • Act as liaison with attorneys, municipal contacts, accountants and contractors.
  • Administer payroll where necessary.
  • Prepare and coordinate bid specifications for vendors.
  • Award contracts with Board approval.
  • Prepare work orders and follow up on work in progress for minor maintenance and repairs.
  • Supervise Association vendors and inspect for work completion.
  • Prepare and maintain inventory of Association property.
  • Conduct inspections of buildings, hardscape and landscape.